Can Rabbits Eat Dandelions? (Greens & Flowers) 100% Recommended Complete Full Guide

can rabbits eat dandelions?

Can Rabbits Eat Dandelions?

Can rabbits eat dandelions? YES!. Dandelions are an excellent treat for your rabbits. Whenever a beautiful yellow flower blooms in your garden like dandelions, you will always want to know whether it’s good or bad to feed your loving rabbits. The good news is you can provide dandelions, greens, and flowers to rabbits. Dandelions are a good source of food treat containing essential nutrients for rabbits. But there is always a risk of proving dandelions when we overfeed them.

Good healthy rabbits need a well-balanced diet with nutrients and vitamins. In general, rabbits, the main food source is high-quality hay. Hay mainly contains fiber that helps their digestive system. Being a rabbit lover, you should know the best things that can feed rabbits. This article will cover all the things you should know about dandelions from A to Z. This article provides you with all the things you need to know before feeding dandelions to your rabbits.

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Extra Information About Dandelion

Dandelions are related to the Asteraceae family. These dandelions have bright yellow small flowers with tooth-like leaves. Dandelions blow through all of the U.S and Canada. People around the world assume these dandelion flowers represent three celestial bodies the moon, stars, and the sun. There are 100 species of dandelion all around the world. The dandelion name is derived from the French dent de lion. The beauty of this dandelion is, it opens to greet the morning and closes in the evening to go to sleep.

Dandelion has many health benefits. All of the parts are used for medical purposes. Leaves, stems, flowers, and roots are considered medical herbs. Dandelions are rich in beta carotene, iron, calcium, and vitamin A. They mostly provide antioxidants, reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss, reduce cancer risk, etc. There are some other flowers like rose, tulips, rosemary, mums, etc. some of them are good for rabbits but few of them are very bad for rabbits.

The fresh leaves are low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. The leaves contain good amounts of folates, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and the polysaccharide inulin and levulin which on decomposition provides levulose a simple sugar. They are also rich in many B-complex vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, and pyridoxine.
how much can a rabbit eat dandelions

According to the USDA National Nutrient database,100g of dandelion contain

PrincipleNutrient Value
Energy45 Kcal
Carbohydrates9.20 g
Protein2.70 g
Total Fat0.70 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Dietary Fiber3.50 g

Vitamins and Minerals

Thiamin0.190 mg
Vitamin A10161 IU
Vitamin C35 mg
Vitamin E3.44 mg
Vitamin K778.4 mcg
Calcium187 mg
Iron3.10 mg
Magnesium36 mg
Zinc0.41 mg
beta-Carotene363 mcg
aloha-Carotene5854 mcg
beta-Cryptoxanthin121 mcg

Do Rabbits Like Dandelion?

Yes. Rabbits love to eat Dandelion leaves and flowers. Dandelion leaves are rich in dietary fiber and low in calories. Due to the high protein and nutrition, they are considered good food and natural herbs for rabbits. But we must take all precautions not to overfeed dandelions to rabbits. If we feed too many Dandelions, it can lead to many health problems like diarrhea.


can rabbits eat dandelion flowers?

Are Dandelions Good For Rabbits?

Dandelions are good natural food for rabbits. They are one of the most beneficial greens we can provide for rabbits. All plant parts of the dandelions are good for rabbits. They can even eat the whole plant with flowers and the root. All of the parts of the dandelion are natural herbs and contain essential nutrition for rabbits. But we must limit the dandelions that we provide for Rabbits. Dandelions contain high calcium.

We must keep in mind to avoid feeding calcium foods with dandelions. It can lead to the formation of bladder sludge and the risk of kidney stones. However, Rabbits’ main source should be hay. We should prioritize hay in the regular diet plan.

Overall nutrition can be covered by hay. Unlike humans, fiber is essential for rabbits. It can prevent bad bacteria from forming in the intestines. Some of the bacteria can lead to critical health issues in rabbits. This is why we should give priority to hay. But rabbits can’t live eating hay all day long. We must add veggies and fruits to their daily diet. End of this article we will provide you the general diet plan for rabbits. It will help you to understand.

Benefits of Feeding Dandelions For Rabbits?

Dandelions are good sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Fresh leaves contain dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and polysaccharide inulin. Dandelions can reduce many health problems like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or breathing problems.

Vitamin C helps muscle development in rabbits & it helps to maintain a healthy blood system. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that helps the bones, skin, and connective tissues. Vitamin C is essential for rabbits, as lack of vitamin C rabbis can cause scurvy disease. This is a common illness among rabbits.

Dandelion leaves are rich in calcium. This calcium can help your rabbits to increase rabbit’s bone health. Dandelions contain zinc and phosphors that are good for rabbits’ skin, they help to prevent skin diseases like rashes. Dandelions are high in potassium, which helps to lower blood pressure and maintain a good heart.

Dandelion is a good source of beta carotene: Beta carotene is one of the best antioxidants that are given by leafy greens and vegetables. It helps your rabbits to reduce the probability of cancer risk, protects them from heart disease & reduces muscular degeneration.

dandelions good for rabbits

How Often Can A Rabbit Eat Dandelion?

Dandelions are good for rabbits if you feed them according to the correct diet plan. Even if dandelions are safe for rabbits, they should eat dandelions moderately. You can provide a fresh handful of dandelions three to four times per week. Do not provide dandelions with other calcium foods. It can lead to many health problems by exceeding the calcium amount of the rabbit’s daily intake. 

The Proper Way To Feed Dandelions For Rabbits

Always try to provide fresh dandelions to rabbits. Do not harvest dandelion in areas that use pesticides and chemicals.

Before introducing dandelions to rabbits for the first time, you need to start up with small portions (Approximately five leaves). Keep inspecting them carefully. If they show some illness, stop feeding dandelions and only feed the rabbit’s daily diet (Diarrhea, lethargy, constipation, and loss of appetite are some of the illnesses)

My recommendation is to give dandelions to grown rabbits. For bunnies, avoid feeding them with dandelions. Dandelions will become harder to digest in bunnies. For grown-up Rabbits, it’s good nutritious food. Keep in mind not to add other calcium foods with dandelions in the rabbit’s diet.

Can rabbits eat dandelion roots?

Can Rabbits Eat Dandelion Flowers?

Dandelion flowers are one of the favorite foods for most rabbits. Flowers are rich in nutrients that rabbits need to grow healthy. It’s ok to give dandelion flowers to rabbits. Make sure to give fresh and clean Dandelion flowers to rabbits.

Can Rabbits Eat Dandelion Roots?

Yes !! Dandelion roots are also good herbs for rabbits. They can eat roots if they like them. Most of the time they do not dig up and eat the root. Dandelion plants have no toxic parts for rabbits. All parts are good and nutritious for rabbits.

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What Rabbits Really Need For Their Diet

Your rabbit’s diet should mainly contain fresh quality hay, grass, and clean water. Unlimited hay supply is extremely important for their health. This guide will give you an overall idea about what should be contained in the rabbit’s diet.

Freshwater: They must have an unlimited supply of freshwater. Use water bowls, it’s easy for rabbits to drink water & easy to clean. Make sure to change the water daily.

Unlimited Quality Hay: Keep feeding fresh grass hays. We recommend giving good types of hay to your rabbit. Such as timothy, orchard grass, etc.

Pellets: For bunnies, you can provide timothy hay pellets in very small amounts. For adult rabbits, you need to provide one-quarter of a cup daily.

Vegetables: Feed them daily 1 -2 cups of fresh vegetables. Some good vegetables are bok choy, carrot, endive, brussels sprouts, basil, mint, green leaf, red leaf, etc.

Fresh Fruits: Give a small amount of about 1 -2 per week. Some good fruits are apples, bananas, berries, cherries, grapes, papaya, plum, watermelon, etc.


Alternatives to Dandelions

There is a lot more other good stuff we can feed rabbits. Just feed them good things and care for them always.

BasilApple (Fruit only! Remove stem and seeds)
Beet Greens (tops)Blueberries
Bok ChoyBananas (Fruit only, no skin. Bananas should only be given as a special treat)
Brussels SproutsGrapes (Fruit only. Grapes should only be given as a special treat)
Carrots and Carrot TopsOrange (remove peel and seeds)
Celery (MUST be cut up into very small pieces)Papaya (Remove skin and seeds)
CilantroPear (Fruit only! Remove stem and seeds)
Collard GreensPineapple (Remove skin and leaves)
DillStrawberries (Fruit only! Remove leaves)
Green Peppers
Mustard Greens
Peppermint Leaves
Radish Tops



Dandelions are an excellent treat for your rabbits. Always try to provide fresh dandelions for rabbits. All parts of the plant of dandelions are good for rabbits. They can even eat the whole plant with flowers and the root. 

Dandelions contain high calcium. We must keep in mind to avoid feeding calcium foods with dandelions. It can lead to the formation of bladder sludge and the risk of kidney stones.

You can provide a fresh handful of dandelions three to four times per week. I think this article covers all the things you need to know before feeding dandelions to your rabbits.

Thank you !!! 

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