Can Rabbits Eat Curry Leaves? Risk, Issues & Complete Guide

can rabbits eat curry leaves?

Can Rabbits Eat Curry Leaves?

Can Rabbits Eat Curry Leaves? Rabbits can eat Curry leaves in small amounts without any health issues. When we are checking for good healthy leaves, we must check whether it’s safe for rabbit’s health. There is no toxic part in the Curry plant or curry leaves. Most of the time rabbits won’t eat it due to the aroma and the thick texture of curry leaves. But some of the rabbits may like to eat these curry leaves. There is always the risk of health issues when we try to overfeed these spicy leaves. And also Curry leaves contain a high amount of calcium levels.

Overfeeding these leaves can cause diarrhea, stomach upsets, and even lead to kidney stones.

These curry leaves contain good nutrients and serving a small amount won’t do harm to your rabbit’s health. There is a lot to talk about the Curry plant. This article covers all the things about curry leaves. Seeds, stems, etc., and health issues. Being a rabbit lover, we know you are curious about the Curry plant. Don’t worry. This article will cover all the things you should know about rabbits and curry plants from A to Z.

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Extra Information About Curry Plant

Curry plant is botanically called Murraya Koenigii. These plants are categorized into the Rutaceae family. These curry leaves come from the curry plant. These plants are not related to curry powder. The Curry plant grows to 2-5 meters in height and it has small size leaves. Each branch contains around twenty clustered leaves. These leaves are extremely aromatic and have a strong flavor.

Curry leaves are rich in vitamin A, B, and minerals. Most of the time people use these leaves for cooking purposes. Curry leaves are beneficial for many health conditions and good for maintaining health. According to the Dinarystore nutritional values of curry leaves per 100 grams are:

Energy                        108.000 Kcal

Protein                       6.100 gm

Fiber                           6.400 gm

Phosphorus               57.000 mg

Calcium                       830.000 mg

Copper                       0.100 mg

Vitamin C                    4.000 mg

Iron                             0.930 mg

Magnesium                44.000mg

As you can see in the nutrition chart, curry leaves are rich in calcium. We must make sure to limit the number of leaves if we intend to serve these curry leaves for rabbits.

Do Rabbits Like To Eat Curry Leaves?

It can change from time to time. Some rabbits will like to eat fresh Curry leaves. Most of the time rabbits don’t like to eat these leaves because of their strong smell. First, you can offer them a few curry leaves to check whether they like it or not. If your rabbits don’t like to eat Curry leaves, it’s ok & it’s normal. Some rabbits don’t like the flavor and texture of the curry leaves.

Tip: When you introduce new food to rabbits, always give a small portion of it to the rabbit’s daily diet. Make sure to introduce one new food type at a time. These things are applied to any type of food. Rabbits’ health is in your hands.

is it safe to feed curry leaves to rabbits

Is Curry Leaves Good For Rabbits?

Providing a small number of curry leaves will not harm your rabbits. But this is categorized as a spicy plant. Overfeeding these types of leaves can lead to many health issues like diarrhea and can upset the bunny’s stomach. If you can feed a small number of curry leaves with other green leaves it won’t be harmful to your rabbit’s health. We must always limit the number of curry leaves and we can only provide them occasionally. We should never provide these spicy plants on a daily basis.

Curry leaves contain essential vitamins, fiber, minerals & antioxidants for rabbits. But we can’t provide a full diet with curry leaves to rabbits. Rabbits’ main source should be hay. We should prioritize hay in the regular diet plan. Overall nutrition can be covered by hay. Unlike humans, fiber is essential for rabbits. It can prevent bad bacteria from forming in the intestines. Some of the bacteria can lead to critical health issues in rabbits. This is why we should give priority to hay. But rabbits can’t live eating hay all day long. We must add veggies, leafy greens, and fruits to their daily diet. At the end of this article, we provide you the general diet plan for rabbits. 

Due to the high calcium, we can’t provide these too often. If we feed Curry leaves in large amounts, it will lead to stomach distress, digestive problems, and kidney stones. We must make sure not to add curry leaves when we are mixing with a high amount of calcium foods like Kale, Boky Choy, Beet Greens, Spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli, squash, parsley, etc.

can bunnies eat curry leaves?

How Often Should We Feed Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are a good leafy green for your rabbit only if we feed them according to a proper guide. A small right amount of Curry leaves can provide good health benefits for rabbits. Overfeeding can cause gastrointestinal distress and lead to many health issues.

We can provide 3 or 2 small Curry leaves for an adult rabbit. The better way to provide Curry leaves is mixing with 5-6 other good leafy greens. We can provide 1 cup of chopped leafy green per 2 pounds of your rabbit’s weight. It’s better to provide Curry leaves 1 time per week, it’s more than enough for an adult rabbit. Always keep the moderation.

Can Rabbits Eat Curry Plant Seed?

Don’t try to feed Curry plant seeds for rabbits. We can only provide a small number of Curry leaves for rabbits. Remove the Curry plant seeds before feeding to Rabbits. They can get stuck in your rabbit’s throat and they are unhealthy for rabbits.

can rabbits eat carry seeds without problem

Alternatives For Curry Leaves?

Rabbit’s diet should be mainly covered with quality hay and grass. In addition, we can provide a small portion of vegetables and fruits. We recommend giving two cups of fresh vegetables to adult rabbits daily.

  • Bell peppers
  • Bok choy
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Endive
  • Green leaf
  • Red leaf
  • Parsley
  • Fennel

Fresh fruits should be served one or two times per week as a treat.

  • Grapes
  • Banana
  • Berries
  • Melon
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Plum
  • Watermelon
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple
  • Orange

Best Common Healthy Diet To Feed Your Rabbit

We need to make a good meal plan for rabbits. We need to provide them with good quality foods. Before feeding rabbits with new food, check whether it’s good for rabbits. As a good rabbit owner, check whether you cover all the guidelines mentioned below. It’s a general food guide for rabbits.

  • Good Quality Grass Hay -I recommend Timothy hay as the most popular/good, all-around unlimited offer to your rabbits. Orchardgrass, meadow fescues are also good for rabbits. Hay is the main food supply. Hay will help your rabbits to stay healthy and strong and maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Fresh Water – Ensure rabbits can have clean, freshwater 24/7. Water bows are most commonly used to supply water for rabbits.
  • Provide Good Quality Leafy Greens – Provide them with 5-6 varieties of safe washed green vegetables, weeds, herbs daily (arugula, basil, kale, cabbage, etc.). Try to introduce new greens in small portions.
  • Treats & Fresh Fruits – For the safety of rabbits, only provide 1 -2 tablespoons per day. Feed carrots, apples, blueberries, etc.
  • Provide Good Quality Pellets – It is good to have a small number of healthy pellets daily. There are too many products out there, keep it in your mind to supply quality and healthy foods for rabbits

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Curry plant leaves are not toxic for rabbits. But due to the high spicy level, we can’t provide larger amounts of curry leaves too often for rabbits. We can provide a small amount like 2-3 levels for your rabbits by mixing with other good leafy greens. Before providing Curry leaves for your rabbits, check whether they like to eat these leaves. Always maintain moderation.

Providing curry leaves occasionally won’t harm your rabbit’s health. But there are plenty of other good leafy green we can provide to rabbits compared to curry leaves. If you intend to give curry leaves to rabbits make sure to give proper attention to the number of curry leaves. If rabbits eat too much Curry leaves, make sure to supply water for them to reduce the spicy levels.

Thank you for reading today!! Stay Safe.

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