Can Rabbits Eat Squash? Benefits, Safety, Issues & Extra Preparation Guide

can rabbits eat squash

Can Rabbits Eat Squash?

Can rabbits eat squash? Yes. Squash is good nutritious food for rabbits. Squash is more like pumpkins & zucchini. Squash contains high sugar, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, protein, etc. It’s a good food treat for your rabbit’s diet. But overfeeding them leads to critical health issues. Always feed small amounts of Squash & keep the moderation. It’s totally safe to provide a small portion of Squash to your rabbits if they like them.

Rabbits are herbivores. But we can’t provide a full diet with vegetables and fruit. We can only provide 15 % vegetable fruits and herbs in rabbit’s diet. Rabbits’ major food source must be fresh quality hay and grass. They take all most all nutrition from hay supplies. We can serve a small number of vegetables in their daily diet as other nutritious foods. Squash can provide extra nutrition to your rabbits as part of a balanced diet. There are a lot of things to talk about Squash. This article covers all the health benefits, nutrition facts, overfeeding health issues & many more things that you should know before feeding Squash to your rabbits.

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Extra Information About Squash

Generally, Squash is categorized as a vegetable. Squash contains a mild and silky texture. Most of the time people use Squash for cooking. But it’s technically a fruit. Pumpkins and zucchinis are types of squash. All types of squash contain seeds. Squash has 2 main categories. They are summer squash and winter squash. Summer squash is harvested normally in immature. Winter Squash is also harvested in summer but the only difference is squash is harvested in the mature stage. These Winter squashes are generally cooked before eating.

Squash is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These fruits can provide several health benefits to humans and animals. The most important thing is Squash can reduce oxidative stress and reduce cancer. Also, squash contains high beta carotene. According to many types of research, beta carotene can help with many health issues.

benefits of squash for rabbits

According to the USDA U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Summer squashes 100g contain

Energy69 kJ (16 kcal)
Carbohydrates3.4 g
Sugars2.2 g
Dietary fiber1.1 g
Fat0.2 g
Protein1.2 g

Vitamins and Minerals 

Vitamin A 10 μg
beta-Carotene120 μg
lutein zeaxanthin2125 μg
Vitamin B60.218 mg
Vitamin C17 mg
Vitamin K3 μg
Magnesium17 mg
Manganese0.175 mg
Water95 g

Types Of Squash

Common Summer squashes are 

  • Causa squash
  • Pattypan squash
  • Tromboncino or zucchetta
  • Straightneck squash
  • Crookneck squash
  • Zucchini (courgette)

Common Winter squashes are 

  • Acorn Squash
  • Ambercup Squash
  • Autumn Cup Squash
  • Banana Squash
  • Buttercup Squash
  • Carnival Squash

There are many varieties of Squash. All of the types are good for Rabbits. There is no toxic part in the Squash vegetable or Squash plant. It’s better to give them organic Squash. They grow with fewer fertilizers and chemicals. But always provide them small amounts in their daily diet in moderation.

Do Rabbits Like To Eat Squash

Most of the time rabbits like to eat Squash. Because they like tasty and crunchy behavior in Squash.  But it depends on your rabbit’s taste. They may not like Squash. Try to provide a small portion of Squash and check how they react to Squash. If they like those you can provide a small portion as an occasional treat to your rabbit. If they don’t like Squash, don’t worry about that, there are a penalty of other vegetables good for rabbits, and try them out.

do rabbits like to eat squash?


Is Squash Safer To Be Eaten By Rabbits?

Good news !! Yes, Squash is safer to be eaten by rabbits. But we must be aware of the health issues if we feed them more often. It’s definitely safe for rabbits’ health as long as we feed them small Squash portions in moderation.

Don’t try to feed Squash to baby rabbits. You can start feeding Squash to more than 4 months older rabbits. Feed them Squash as an occasional treat. It is really good for rabbits’ health. Don’t try to feed foods that contain high sugar to your rabbits. It can lead to digestive disorders like GI stasis.

How Often Rabbits Can Eat Squash

We need to provide any vegetables or fruits according to the diet plan. Most of the vegetables are good for rabbits. Even good vegetables can be harmful if we do not serve them with the correct amount.

You can provide one or two slices to your rabbit (One or two teaspoons per two pounds of your rabbit weight). Don’t serve them on a daily basis. It’s much safer when we feed Squash about two to three times per week. Try to maintain a timetable for the rabbit’s diet.

Don’t try to overfeed them with Squash. Overfeeding can lead to many health problems. Therefore, limit the amount of Squash and always keep the moderation.

types of squash for rabbits

Benefits Of Squash For Rabbits

Squash is a good source of beta carotene: Beta carotene is one of the best antioxidants that are given by orange vegetables. It helps your rabbits to reduce the probability of cancer risk, protects them from heart disease & reduces muscular degeneration. Decreases the risk of obesity.

Squash is also rich in fiber & it helps your rabbits to keep feeling fuller.100g of Squash contains 1.1 g of fiber. It helps to keep a healthy digestive system.

Increase sharp vision for rabbits. Squash is rich in beta-carotene which gives orange color. And it’s converted to vitamin A in the rabbit’s body. Vitamin A is an essential need for rabbits to keep good eyesight. Squash also contains lutein and zeaxanthin that helps to prevent muscular degeneration.

Squash also contains soluble fiber that helps to prevent diarrhea. Soluble fiber helps to absorb water in the digestive tract. But remember don’t try to overfeed Squash to rabbits. If you are looking for better immunity in rabbits, Squash is a good treat for them. Vitamin A can help to fight infections, viruses, and diseases. Vitamin C can help your rabbits to recover from colds faster.

rabbits eating squash

Risk Of Feeding Squash For Rabbits

Most of the Squash in the market are applied with pesticides. These chemicals are harmful to them. They can lead to serious health problems in rabbits. Wash it thoroughly before feeding to rabbits.

Squash contains more than 9.5g of water in 100g of Squash. Overfeeding them can lead to critical issues like diarrhea. Do not feed Squash for baby rabbits less than 12 weeks old. They have a more sensitive gastrointestinal system. Because of the high sugar in Squash, it can increase weight. This is called obesity risk in rabbits. Weight gain in rabbits is mainly caused due to eating mush food and lack of exercise.


Squash is a great nutritious food to treat rabbits. Squash is rich in many nutrients that are good for rabbits’ health. It’s a good source of vitamins, minerals & fiber that are essential nutrients for rabbits. And it contains nutrients like iron, lutein, phosphorus, and beta-carotene.

Avoid feeding Squash for baby Rabbits & juvenile Rabbits. Only feed Squash for adult Rabbits only as an occasional treat. We recommend giving one teaspoon per two pounds of your Rabbit’s body weight. There is some risk if you overfeed them with Squash. Keep following the guide and stay healthy.

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