Can Rabbits Eat Pears? Proper Guide & Things We Should Know

can rabbits eat pear

Can Rabbits Eat Pears?

Can Rabbits Eat Pears? YES !!. Rabbits can eat pears but we must make sure only to give pears occasionally in a limited amount. Pears are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and dietary fiber. Along with the good side, pears also have some bad health effects for rabbits. Some parts like pear seed, stem contain toxic compounds that are unhealthy for rabbits. We must follow a proper guide before feeding pears to rabbits. Rabbits are big fans of sweet treats like pears. Make sure to feed only a limited amount as an occasional treat with a proper guide. Giving the right amount to your rabbits will not be harmful to your rabbits.

The best thing as a rabbit owner is, you must always look for information and guidelines before serving new food to your rabbit. Take your time and learn all the things you need to know about new food. In Rabbit Food Guide we provide all the things you need to know about rabbit foods. There is a lot more to talk about Pears and rabbits. In this article, we cover all the things about Pears, the good side, the bad side, how much we should provide for rabbits, and all other things you should know.

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Extra Information About Pears

Pears are categorized as Rosacea. They are also related to the family of apples. They have unique shapes like teardrops. These Pears are native to Asia and Europe. Pears leaves are heart-shaped or oval in shape. Pears are popular for being one of the highest-fiber fruits. Pears are popularly consumed fresh and used for making juices.

A pear is a mild, sweet fruit with a fibrous center. Pears are rich in essential antioxidants, plant compounds, and dietary fiber. Pears pack all of these nutrients in a fat-free, cholesterol-free, 100 calorie package.


Pears are also used for medical purposes because of their good medical properties. Pears are rich in vitamin A, C, K, and B complex. They also contain good minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and copper, etc. Pears provide good health benefits like, prevent cardiovascular disease, contain good antioxidants, and provide many other health benefits.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA), 100g of raw Pears portion contains,

Water84 g
Energy239 kJ
Carbohydrates15.23 g
Sugars9.75 g
Dietary fiber3.1 g
Fat0.14 g
Protein0.36 g

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin B60.029 mg
Choline5.1 mg
Vitamin C4.3 mg
Vitamin E0.12 mg
Vitamin K4.4 μg
Calcium9 mg
Phosphorus12 mg
Potassium116 mg
how to feed pears to rabbits

Do Rabbits Like To Eat Pears?

Definitely, Rabbits like to eat pears. They like the sugar flavor of juicy fruits like pears. Most rabbits like Pears as they like blueberries. If you feed Pears for the first time for rabbits, give them small portions & check whether they like them.

Most of the time they will love to eat Pears. Don’t ever try to overfeed them. It can cause health problems for rabbits. If we give them sweet foods like Pears, they will be addicted to those. Sometimes they will try to reduce eating healthy food in their diet. The high amount of sugar will cause many health problems if we overfeed them with pears. So, keep in mind to give only small portions to rabbits. Moderation is the key to a rabbit’s health.

Are Pears Safer To Be Eaten By Rabbits?

Yes, and No. Pears are not the safest food we can provide to rabbits. We must definitely consider some things before feeding rabbits. The first thing is the amount, if we feed the right amount occasionally there is no harm to your rabbits. And also, high sugar content and carbohydrates may cause health issues if we feed them more often. Another thing we need to consider is some parts like seeds and stems contain cyanides. Take precautions and remove unhealthy parts before feeding your rabbit.

Don’t try to feed Pears to baby rabbits. You can start feeding Pears to more than 4 months older rabbits. Feed them Pears as an occasional treat. It is really good for rabbits’ health. Don’t try to feed foods that contain high sugar to your rabbits on a daily basis. It can lead to digestive disorders like GI stasis.

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Are Pears Good For Rabbit

If we feed according to the right amounts, pears can be a good occasional addition to your rabbit’s diet. Pears contain some good essential nutrients for Rabbits.  Pears are rich in vitamin A, C, K, and B complex. They also contain good minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, etc. Pears are one of the good fruits that contain high fiber amounts. These fibers can give support to your rabbit’s digestive tract. Always provide them fresh ripen Pears and avoid feeding other canned or pies that are made from pears.

How Often Can A Rabbit Eat Pears?

We can only provide a small number of Pears for rabbits. Offering them Pears as an occasional treat is the best way to feed them. We recommend giving only one or two tablespoons per 2 pounds of your rabbit’s weight. You can serve them 2 times per week. It’s more than enough for rabbits to get all the benefits from Pears.

Like Pears, Cherries also have cyanides in pits and stems. But after removing these toxic stems, seeds, pits these fruits are good food treats for rabbits. We can provide blueberries, mangoes, Pineapples (without skin), Jambu, Rambutan, etc. as good food treats for rabbits. Don’t feed Pears for baby rabbits. You need to keep in mind not to provide too many sweets foods in rabbit’s diets. Variations are the key to keep good rabbits healthy.

Benefits From Pears To Rabbits?

Raw Pears contain 85% of water. This will help your rabbits to stay healthy and active. Pears contain a good amount of vitamin C, manganese, vitamin E, and vitamin K. 

Vitamin C helps muscle development in rabbits & it helps to maintain a healthy blood system. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that helps the bones, skin, and connective tissues. Vitamin C is essential for rabbits, as lack of vitamin C can cause scurvy disease. This is a common illness among rabbits.

Pears are rich in antioxidants like sorbitol and fructose. They are providing immunity against bacteria and helps to get rid of free radicals.

Pears is a fine source of Vitamin K. It will help to maintain healthy bones. It increases the efficiency of the immune systems in rabbits. Pears provide vitamin E. Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant in the rabbit’s body. Fiber helps to increase the efficiency of the digestive systems in rabbits. Vitamin A improves your pet’s vision and develops bones

Pears are rich in potassium and magnesium. According to researches, these nutrients can reduce the risk of death from heart diseases. Potassium can protect from muscle mass loss and reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. 

Risk Of Overfeeding Pears For Rabbits

We need to be careful before feeding high sugar content food like Pears. Overfeeding those may lead to critical health issues in rabbits.

  • Pears have high sugar content; it can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria in the digestive system. This causes an upset stomach, loose stools, stomach pain & diarrhea. 
  • Too much sugar in a diet can also lead to obesity issues. This may lead to many varieties of health problems in rabbits.
  • Due to the high sugar amounts, Pears can lead to dental problems in rabbits.
  • Take precautions to remove seeds and stems of pears before feeding to rabbits. Those contain cyanide.
do rabbits eat pear leaves?

Can Rabbits Eat Pear Skin Or Peel?

YES. Rabbits can eat Pear skin safely. We don’t need to peel out the skin. Pear skin contains a high amount of vitamin C. Before we provide skins to rabbit make sure to wash them thoroughly. When pears come to the market those are with chemicals and pesticides. These things are harmful to rabbits’ health.

Chemicals can cause many illnesses like depression, internal bleeding, lack of appetite, and many more in rabbits.

Can Rabbits Eat Pear Seed?

Pear seeds are not good for rabbits. These seeds contain toxic compounds like cyanide. It’s a lethal poison for rabbits. We need to take precautions to remove seeds before feeding pears to rabbits.

can rabbits eat pear seeds

Best Common Healthy Diet To Feed Your Rabbit

We need to make a good meal plan for rabbits. We need to provide them with good quality foods. Before feeding rabbits with new food, check whether it’s good for rabbits. As a good Rabbit owner, check whether you cover all the guidelines mentioned below. It’s a general food guide for rabbits.

  • Good Quality Grass Hay – I recommend Timothy hay as the most popular/good, all-around unlimited offer to your rabbits. Orchardgrass, meadow fescues are also good for rabbits. Hay is the main food supply. Hay will help your rabbits to stay healthy and strong and maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Fresh Water – Ensure rabbits can have clean, freshwater 24/7. Water bows are most commonly used to supply water for rabbits.
  • Provide Good Quality Leafy Greens – Provide them with 5-6 varieties of safe washed green vegetables, weeds, herbs daily (arugula, basil, kale, cabbage, etc.). Try to introduce new greens in small portions.
  • Treats & Fresh Fruits – For the safety of rabbits, only provide 1 -2 tablespoons per day. Feed carrots, apples, blueberries, etc.
  • Provide Good Quality Pellets – It is good to have a small number of healthy pellets daily. There are too many products out there, keep it in your mind to supply quality and healthy foods for rabbits.

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Rabbits can eat Pears in small amounts in moderation. Always supply raw Pears in the right amount. Overfeeding these pears can lead to many health problems. Take precautions to remove seeds and stems of pears before feeding to rabbits as those contain cyanide. We recommend giving only one or two tablespoons per 2 pounds of your rabbit’s weight. You can serve them 2 times per week. It’s more than enough for rabbits to get all the benefits from Pears.

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