Can Rabbits Eat Brussel Sprouts? Benefits, Issues & Extra Preparation Guide

can rabbits eat brussels sprouts?

Can Rabbits Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Can Rabbits Eat Brussel Sprouts? YES, rabbits can eat Brussel Sprouts. Brussel Sprouts is a good nutritious leafy green for rabbits. Most of the time we can see Brussel Sprouts leaves in the market. These leafy vegetables are related to cabbages. As a rabbit lover, you will always want to know whether Brussel Sprouts are safer to serve for rabbits. YES, Brussel Sprout is rich in essential nutrition for rabbits, and rabbits like the crunchy taste. But we must limit the amount of Brussel Sprouts. Always feed a small amount of Brussel Sprouts & keep the moderation. It’s totally safe to provide a small portion of Brussel Sprouts to your rabbits if they like those.

Rabbits are herbivores. But we can’t provide a full diet with vegetables and fruits. Rabbits’ major food source must be fresh quality hay and grass. They take almost all the nutrition from hay supplies. We can serve a small number of vegetables in their daily diet as other nutritional foods. Brussel Sprouts can provide extra nutrition to your rabbits as a part of a balanced diet. Brussel Sprouts can provide many health benefits to rabbits and also there is a potential health risk to rabbits. This article covers all the health benefits, nutrition facts, overfeeding health issues & many more things that you should know before feeding Brussel Sprouts to your rabbits.

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Extra Information About Brussel Sprouts?

Brussel Sprouts are categorized into the Brassicaceae family. Sometimes this vegetable is called mini cabbages. Sprouts grow on a stalk and each stalk may produce 15-20 sprouts. The plant may grow up to 2-3 feet in height. They get their sweet flavor if we keep those cold in the summer and expose them to frost. Sprouts should be harvested when they are bright green color and before they turn yellow. Brussel Sprouts are available all year round. There are many varieties of Brussel Sprouts, the most common ones are Rampart, Oliver, Rowena, valiant, and Content. These Brussel Sprouts differ in taste and appearance.

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Brussel Sprouts are a good source of vitamin C and vitamin K. Brussel Sprouts also contain dietary fibers, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and zinc, etc. Brussel Sprouts offer several health benefits like improving bone health, managing diabetes, preventing cancer, maintaining good healthy vision, maintaining good healthy skin, and many other health benefits.

According to the USDA U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, 100g of Brussel Sprouts contains.

Energy179 kJ
Carbohydrates8.95 g
Water86 g
Dietary fiber3.8 g
Fat0.3 g
Protein3.48 g

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin A38 μg
beta-Carotene450 μg
Vitamin B60.219 mg
Vitamin C85 mg
Vitamin E0.88 mg
Vitamin K177 μg
Calcium42 mg
Iron1.4 mg
Magnesium23 mg
Manganese0.337 mg
Phosphorus69 mg
do rabbits eat Brussel sprouts


Do Rabbits Like To Eat Brussel Sprouts

Most of the time rabbits like to eat Brussel Sprouts. They like the tasty and crunchy behavior in Brussel Sprouts.  But it depends on your rabbit’s taste. They may not like Brussel Sprouts. Try to provide a small portion of Brussel Sprouts and check how they react to Brussel Sprouts. If they like those, you can provide a small portion as an occasional treat to your rabbit.

If your rabbits don’t like to eat Brussel Sprouts it’s ok & it’s normal. Some rabbits don’t like the flavor of Brussel Sprouts. There is plenty of other good nutritious food. Try to find fresh foods that your rabbits love to eat.

Tip: When you introduce new food to rabbits, always give a small portion of it in the rabbit’s daily diet. Make sure to introduce one new food type at a time. These things apply to any type of food. Rabbits’ health is in your hands.

Is Brussel Sprouts Safe For Rabbits

Yes, Brussel Sprout is safe for rabbits. Brussel Sprout is one of the safest leafy greens we can provide to rabbits. It contains dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, copper, and magnesium, etc. It contains low sugar and a modest amount of calcium that is good for rabbit’s health. These Brussel Sprouts can boost rabbit’s immune systems and help to keep a healthy digestive system in rabbits. 

On the other hand, do not try to overfeed them with Brussel Sprouts. It can lead to indigestion and increase bacteria and gases. We can provide leafy greens up to 10 % of the rabbit’s diet and always keep the moderation. If we serve the right amount of Brussel Sprouts, it will never harm your rabbit’s health.

do rabbits like to eat brussels sprouts?

Benefits Of Brussel Sprouts For Rabbits

Brussel Sprouts have many essential nutrients and health benefits for rabbits. It contains carbohydrates, dietary fibers, proteins, vitamins B6, K, and E, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, and calcium, etc. Brussel Sprouts can add extra fiber amount to your rabbit’s diet. Because of high dietary fiber it avoids gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, gases, and bloating.

Brussel Sprouts contain a good amount of calcium for the rabbit. It’s safe these leafy greens contain a modest amount of calcium and low oxalates. A high amount of calcium food can lead to bladder stone formation and a high amount of oxalate can lead to an increase of bacteria in the rabbit’s body.

Brussel Sprouts are also a good source of vitamin C which helps muscle development in rabbits & helps to maintain a healthy blood system. Vitamin C act as an antioxidant that helps the bones, skin, and connective tissues. Vitamin C is essential for rabbits, and lack of vitamin C can cause scurvy disease. This is a common illness among rabbits.

Brussel Sprout is a fine source of Vitamin K. It will help to maintain healthy bones. It Increases the efficiency of the immune systems in rabbits. Brussel Sprouts provides vitamin E, which also acts as an antioxidant in the rabbit’s body. Fiber helps to increase the efficiency of the digestive systems in rabbits. Vitamin A improves your pet’s vision and develops bones. Brussel Sprouts is a good supplier of beta-carotene that helps to prevent age-related blindness.

Brussel Sprouts are rich in potassium and magnesium. According to researches, these nutrients can reduce the risk of death from heart diseases. Potassium can protect from muscle mass loss and reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. 

How Often Should We Feed Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts is a good vegetable for your rabbits only if we feed them according to a proper guide. A small number of Brussel Sprouts can provide good health benefits for them. Overfeeding can cause bloating and increase gas inside your pet.

Always provide Brussel Sprouts in moderation. It’s better if you can provide Brussel Sprouts mixing with other leafy greens and vegetables. You can provide one Brussel Sprout for a good healthy rabbit. One Brussel Sprout is more than enough for a rabbit. Brussel Sprouts are large and give them only half of the Sprouts. You can add Brussel Sprouts to your rabbit’s diet a few times per week. Don’t try to feed Brussel Sprouts to baby rabbits. 

Health Risks of Brussel Sprouts for Rabbits

Most of the Brussel Sprouts in the market are applied with pesticides. These chemicals are harmful to rabbits. They can lead to serious health problems in rabbits. Wash it thoroughly before feeding to rabbits.

When we are feeding cabbage family vegetables there is a chance of gastrointestinal issues for some rabbits. Frequent eating of Brussel Sprouts can end up with gassy effects on rabbit’s digestive tract. We must avoid feeding other gas-producing vegetables at the same time when we feed Brussel Sprouts. Always keep the moderation. If you notice that your rabbits show health issues like diarrhea after eating Brussel Sprouts, quickly inform your vet and take medication, Most of the rabbits can eat Brussel Sprouts without any issue.

can rabbits eat brussels sprouts leaves, stem

Can Rabbits Eat Brussel Sprout Stalks?

Brussel Sprouts stalks are safe for rabbits. There are no toxic compounds in Brussel Sprouts stalks. We need to do preparations before feeding Brussel Sprouts stalks to rabbits. There is a chance of blockage in the digestive tract if we provide long stalks for rabbits. Always cut into pieces and reduce the probability of health risks.

Can Bunnies Rabbits Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Don’t provide Brussel sprouts for bunnies less than 4 months old. In the baby, stage bunnies can’t handle vegetables and fruits properly. Baby rabbits have a sensitive gastrointestinal system more than adult rabbits. We definitely take some precautions before feeding them. Generally, we don’t provide Vegetables or Fruits until they are 3-4 months old.

When we change the foods it can be affected Bunny’s digestive system. Diarrhea can be a serious health issue for baby rabbits. After they are eligible to eat, first try to feed juicy vegetables for them. Try to provide a small portion of the first. After that keep inspecting them 24 hrs. Don’t feed more than one type of new food at the same time. If they do not show any health issues you can slightly increase the amount of food according to a guide.

Can Rabbits Eat Cooked Brussel Sprouts?

Don’t try to feed cooked Brussel Sprouts to rabbits. When we cook any vegetable, it changes the structure of the vegetable and burns out some good nutrition. It is also hard to digest after Brussel Sprouts are cooked & hard for rabbits to chew cooked Brussel Sprouts. You can avoid feeding cooked foods to rabbits.

Brussel sprouts for rabbits


Brussel Sprouts is one of the safest leafy greens we can provide to rabbits. It contains dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, copper, magnesium and etc. It contains low sugar and a modest amount of calcium that is good for rabbits’ health. We can provide one Brussel Sprout for a good healthy rabbit. One Brussel Sprout is more than enough for a rabbit. We must avoid feeding other gas-producing vegetables at the same time as we feed Brussel Sprouts. Overfeeding theme can lead to many health issues. Always keep the moderation.

Thank you for reading. I think this article covers all the things you should know about Brussel Sprouts before feeding to your Rabbits.

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