Can Rabbits Eat Rambutan? Recommended Full Guide For Rabbits

Can Rabbits eat rambutan

Can Rabbits Eat Rambutan?

Can rabbits eat Rambutan? Yes, rabbits can eat Rambutan & they absolutely love to eat those. Rambutan is a good source of nutrition that can help to digest and increase resistance to infections. If you need to feed rambutan to your rabbit, give them a little portion without the leaves or seeds. It’s a very delicious fruit in Asian countries.

In general, rabbits the main food source is high-quality hay. Hay mainly contains fiber that helps the digestive system. Rambutan is another good food that can give as an occasional treat like blueberries to rabbits. When feeding them too much, rambutan gives side effects. This article covers all the things you need to know before feeding rambutan to your rabbit.

Let’s talk more about Rabbit & Rambutan.

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Let’s Talk About Rambutan

Rambutan mainly grows in Indonesia and Malaysia. Rambutan is a sweet exotic fruit that many people do not know. If you see it in the market, try it out. This is a fruit related to lychee and longan. Its outside skin is red color and inside is white color. Rambutan is usually a seasonal fruit.

Nutrients of Rambutan:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B
  •  Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Folate
  • Choline
NutrientOne medium rambutan contain
Calories7 gram
Carbohydrate (g)2 gram
Fiber (g)Less than 1 gram
Protein (g)Less than 1 gram
SugarLess than 1 gram
Fat Less than 1 gram


rambutan Benefits for rabbits

Can Rabbits Have Rambutan?

Rambutan is a good source of food for rabbits. Yes, it is safe for rabbits. Rambutan contains essential vitamins, fiber, minerals & antioxidants for rabbits. But you should offer only a small amount to your rabbit in their daily diet. Rambutan is not toxic for rabbits. Treating Rambutan is healthy for your rabbits if you feed them a small portion at a time. Rambutan also contains some bad parts for rabbits and there is a way to feed them correctly. We will talk about it later in this article.

However, Rabbits’ main sources should be hay. We should prioritize hay in the regular diet plan. Overall nutrition can be covered by hay. Unlike humans, fiber is essential for rabbits. It can prevent bad bacteria from forming in the intestines. Some of the bacteria can lead to critical health issues in rabbits. This is why we should give priority to hay. But rabbits can’t live eating hay all day long. We must add veggies and fruits to their daily diet. End of this article we will provide you a general diet plan for rabbits. It will help you to understand.

Do Rabbits Like Rambutan?

Yes, Definitely. Most of Rabbits like sweet treats. Rambutan is one of them & they will definitely enjoy it. Rambutan is a good fruit treat for rabbits and it’s more likely mango, Rose apple,Banana, Blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, etc.

Best Way To Feed Rambutan For Rabbits?

Rambutan is usually eaten raw. Rambutan fruit is cover with fuzzy spines. But those are soft and harmless. These are almost like cherries.


  1. Take a rambutan to your hand & make a cut using your nails. (rambutan skin is not difficult to cut). Or use a knife to cut in the middle of the fruit.
  2. Using the cut, you can open and tear on both sides.
  3. Now you can see the white rambutan flesh that can eat.
  4. Rambutan seed cover with this eatable rambutan flesh. It is better to remove the seed before you feed your rabbits

We Recommendation To Give Rambutan For Grown-up Rabbits. For Bunnies, Avoid Feeding Them With Rambutan.


How to feed Rambutan for rabbits

How Often Can A Rabbit Eat Rambutan?

You can’t feed them with Rambutan daily. You can introduce rambutan as a treat once a week. It’s better for your rabbit’s health.

Benefits of Feeding Rambutan For Rabbits?

This fruit is rich in many nutrients and antioxidants. It also provides antioxidants that help with many health issues. Rambutan contains high water, and fiber content, and is low in calories.

High Fiber, Water Content: Because of high fiber content it can treat hypertension & it helps to keep a healthy digestive system in rabbits. Rambutan contains insoluble and soluble fibers. Insoluble fiber helps to reduce the likelihood of constipation in your rabbit. Soluble fiber provides good gut bacteria for your rabbit.

Rambutan may offer additional health benefits — the best-researched include:

May reduce cancer risk: A few cells and animal studies found that compounds in rambutan may help to prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells.

May protect against heart disease: One animal study showed that extracts made from rambutan peel reduced total cholesterol and triglyceride levels in diabetic mice.

May protect against diabetes: Cell and animal studies report that rambutan peel extract may increase insulin sensitivity and reduce fasting blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

Alina Petre, MS, RD (NL)

Vitamin C helps muscle development in rabbits & it helps to maintain a healthy blood system. Vitamin C act as an antioxidant that helps the bones, skin, and connective tissues. Vitamin C is essential for rabbits, due to a lack of vitamin C rabbis can have the scurvy disease. This is a common illness among rabbits.

Rambutan also contains Copper which helps for proper growth and maintenance of bones.


Potential Risks Feeding Rambutan

Don’t feed too much ripened rambutan and don’t overfeed them. It contains more sugar and it will turn into alcohol. For good health, make sure to give limited portions to your rabbits.

According to the latest animal studies, Rambutan peels and seeds may be toxic for rabbits, if they eat seed and peels regularly. So, it’s better to avoid feeding seeds and peels.

Rambutan has high water content. Overfeeding, Rambutan can lead to Diarrhea. Rabbits have sensitive digestive systems. Baby rabbits have even more sensitive digestive systems. So, we need to be careful in giving rambutan only grown-up rabbits only as a treat.

Risk of eating Rambutan for rabbits

Best Common Healthy Diet To Feed Your Rabbit

We need to feed our rabbits according to the correct diet. This is the most important part as rabbit owners should feed rabbits in a correct and timely scheduled plan. We need to be careful in picking the right food for rabbits. Some rabbits like different kinds of flavors. it’s up to us to find them and look after them. 

This will help you to make a good diet plan for rabbits.

  • Good Quality Grass Hay -(I recommend Timothy hay is the most popular & unlimited offering to your rabbits. Orchard grass, and meadow fescues are also good for rabbits. Hay is the main food supply. Hay will help your rabbits to stay healthy and strong and maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Fresh Water – ensure rabbits can have clean, fresh water 24/7. Water bowls are most commonly used to supply water for rabbits
  • Provide Good Quality Leafy Greens – provide them with 5-6 varieties of safe-washed green vegetables, weeds, and herbs daily (arugula, basil, kale, cabbage, etc). Try to introduce new greens in small portions.
  • Treats & Fresh Fruits – For the safety of rabbits only provide 1 -2 tablespoons per day. Feed carrots, apples, blueberries, etc.
  • Provide Good Quality Pellets – Is good to have a small number of healthy pellets daily. There are too many products out there, keep in your mind to supply quality and healthy foods for rabbits.

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Alternatives to Rambutan

There are a lot more good kinds of stuff we can feed rabbits. Just feed them good things and care for them always.

BasilApple (Fruit only! Remove stem and seeds)
Beet Greens (tops)Blueberries
Bok ChoyBananas (Fruit only, no skin. Bananas should only be given as a special treat)
Brussels SproutsGrapes (Fruit only. Grapes should only be given as a special treat)
Carrots and Carrot TopsOrange (remove peel and seeds)
Celery (MUST be cut up into very small pieces)Papaya (Remove skin and seeds)
CilantroPear (Fruit only! Remove stem and seeds)
Collard GreensPineapple (Remove skin and leaves)
DillStrawberries (Fruit only! Remove leaves)
Green Peppers
Mustard Greens
Peppermint Leaves
Radish Tops



Rabbits can eat Rambutan & they absolutely love to eat them. Rambutan is rich in many nutrients and antioxidants. It also provides antioxidants that help with many health issues.

Rambutan is healthy fruit to treat them if we feed them small portions at a time. Rambutan also has some bad parts like seed and peels. Those might be toxic for rabbits if those are given in large amount regularly. Rambutan is a good treat for grown-up rabbits. For bunnies avoid feeding them with Rambutan.

I think this article covers all information you need to know before feeding Rambutan to your rabbits

Thank you!!! 

  1. Is rambutan poisonous to rabbits?

    No, rambutan won’t make rabbits sick. Don’t give too many, rabbits rambutan because it has a lot of sugar and can be harmful.

  2. Can rabbits eat the skin of rambutan?

    Rabbits should not eat the skin of rambutan because it’s hard for their stomach to process it.

  3. Can rabbits eat the seeds of rambutan?

    No, bunnies should not munch on rambutan seeds as they can get stuck in their throats and cause stomach problems.

  4. What other fruits can rabbits safely eat?

    Various types of fruits, including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, bananas, and pears, can be consumed by rabbits without any harm. It is crucial to be moderate when offering fruits due to their sugar concentration and potential health ramifications if overfed.

  5. How much rambutan can I give my rabbit?

    Providing rambutan to rabbits is not advisable due to its excessive sugar levels. If you want to give your rabbit rambutan as a special treat, make sure to offer a small portion in controlled amounts.

  6. What are the potential health risks of feeding rambutan to rabbits?

    Giving rabbits rambutan can cause digestion, teeth, and weight problems because it has too much sugar. Rabbits may have trouble digesting the skin and seeds of rambutan which can cause digestive problems.

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