Can Rabbits Eat Paper/Cardboard? All The Thing We Should Know

can rabbits eat paper?

Can Rabbits Eat Paper Or Cardboard?

Can rabbits eat paper or cardboard? No, they should not eat paper. But this does not mean that we should keep rabbits away from papers or cardboard. Rabbits get bored very easily. They are playful creatures. As rabbit lovers, we need to give them a better enjoyable, and interesting life. They enjoy their time by chewing, rolling, digging using toys, and many other items.

Most of the rabbits like to pass their time by shredding papers or cardboard. But this paper does not contain any nutritional value for them. Playing with papers is fine for rabbits. They can handle a small amount of paper if they get to eat while playing with it. But we must always be aware that, there are no enzymes to digest papers. Papers eaten are only decomposed with other elements. If rabbits eat too much paper, it will lead to many health issues like an internal blockage.

In this article, we will discuss why rabbits eat paper, what should we do to keep rabbits away from papers, and many other facts that you should know about papers as a rabbit owner.

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Why Rabbits Eat Paper?

These cute rabbits want some things to pass their time. Most of the time they pass time by chewing anything they can find. That is the way they behave. Papers are the easiest thing they can find in our houses. They enjoy shredding these papers. They rarely eat these things. Sometimes they will eat some paper parts while shredding them. They can handle a small amount of paper. But papers will not digest, they only get decomposed with other elements. If you see your rabbits playing with papers it’s fine. But we must always inspect whether they eat paper or play with them.

If you see rabbits eating paper, you should quickly remove the papers that they can reach. This happens because they are hungry. Provide them with suitable rabbit foods. Check whether your rabbits have enough regular supply of fresh hay. If they lack fiber content in their daily diet, they always seek alternative sources like paper.

paper ink bad for rabbits

Will Eating Papers Hurt Rabbits?

It totally depends on how much paper they eat. But paper is not a reliable food for rabbits. There are no enzymes to digest paper compounds. When rabbits play with paper, they will eat some. It will not harm your rabbit’s health. Even there are no enzymes rabbits can decompose papers eaten with other elements. But they can’t handle a large amount of paper. Rabbits become sick differently if they eat a larger amount of paper.   

There are no nutritional benefits to rabbits from papers. If rabbits keep eating papers, it can lead to critical health issues like an internal blockage. And also, paper eating can lead to constipation. The only thing we can provide papers is for their entertainment. No point in of thinking papers as a food source for rabbits.

Toys are important to your rabbits’ health and happiness as they encourage your pets to perform natural behaviors such as digging, jumping, chewing, and chin rubbing.Papers can be good toy for rabbit. shredded newspaper, paper bags with the handles removed, and telephone directories (with the glossy covers removed). Wrap your rabbits’ favorite food in brown paper to unwrap! 

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How To Stop Rabbits Eating Paper?

Most of the time they will try to eat paper when they are hungry. We must always supply continuously fresh hay for rabbits. Good healthy rabbits need a well-balanced diet with nutrients and vitamins. In general, rabbits need high-quality hay as their main food source. Hay mainly contains fiber that helps their digestive system. They always refuse to eat paper when they have their daily diet.

If you are too much concerned about rabbits’ health, you can keep papers away and newspapers out of their reach. Although paper is a common material used in rabbits’ hutches, they provide the necessary amount of ventilation. But we can use many other alternative materials for paper-like straw, hay, wood pallets, and sawdust.

If you have one rabbit, they are probably bored most of the time. Try to introduce another rabbit. Social life is a good way to prevent rabbits from getting bored. We can also add more toys to pass their time.

Can Paper Inks Become Toxic For Rabbits?

Yes, some inks are toxic for small animals like rabbits. Nowadays inks are safer than older days ink. They are less toxic than older ones. But some inks are harmful to rabbits like inks in pamphlets and leaflets. Pamphlets and Leaflets are commonly printed as mass productions. Because of that, they use cheap inks for printing. It’s much better if we avoid them with supply of this kind of paper even for rabbit’s entertainment.

And another thing is you must be aware of the paper inks that can give some stains on your rabbits. Always be aware of the paper ink. 

Can Rabbits Eat Newspapers?

As we discussed earlier, they will not probably eat papers or newspapers as food. They only enjoy those by shredding. If you are concerned about newspaper inks, nowadays newspapers print using safer ink. Most rabbits’ owners use newspapers to line the hutch.

can rabbits eat toilet papers

Can Rabbits Eat Toilet Paper?

Toilet papers are the least toxic papers if we rank according to the toxic level. They are dissolved very easily if we put some water. If your rabbits are playing with toilet paper, it’s totally fine. They are less harmful than other papers. But always be aware not to let them eat large amounts of any kind of paper.

Can Rabbits Eat Cardboards?

Papers are much safer than cardboard. Even if they eat a small amount of paper, it will not harm rabbits. But cardboard is thick and sturdy. There is a bigger chance of internal blockage and constipation if they eat cardboard. If you intend to give cardboard it should only be provided as entertainment for rabbits, not as food.

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Rabbits enjoy shedding paper. They rarely eat these things. Sometimes they will eat some paper parts while shredding them. But rabbits can handle a small amount of paper. If you see your rabbits playing with papers it’s fine. But we must always inspect whether they eat paper or play with them. Always be aware of the paper ink. 

Keep in mind that papers should only be provided for our loving rabbits for their entertainment. I think this article covers all the information you need to know about papers.

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