Can Rabbits Eat Popcorn? Complete Health Guide & Issues

can rabbits eat popcorn

Can Rabbits Eat Popcorn?

Can Rabbits eat popcorn? NO. We know popcorn is a good treat and a popular snack all over the world. Popcorn provides good health benefits for humans. It contains high fiber and low in calories. But can we feed this to our rabbits, that is the main problem? We know there are plenty of articles that say we can provide popcorn to rabbits without any problem and some of them say it’s unhealthy for rabbits.

As RabbitFoodGuide we consider about rabbits’ health first and foremost. We know Popcorn contains butter, salt, and sugar. These things are bad for rabbits. Someone can argue we can make popcorn without any of these. But this is not the main reason behind us for telling you not to feed popcorns for rabbits. It does not depend on how it’s made. These popcorns are hard to digest. There is a lot more to talk about rabbits and popcorn. Keep reading this article. We will cover all the things you need to know about popcorns and why it is bad for rabbits.

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Extra Information About Popcorn

Popcorn is the most famous snack for all invents. The United States is the biggest popcorn producer in the world right now. There are many kinds of popcorn nowadays. They are made from different kinds of corns. They are categorized as the flavor, texture, and how they pop. Popcorn has main two types of kernels. One of them is butterfly (snowflake) popcorn. They are the most popular popcorn that is used in movie theaters and events. Another type is mushroom popcorn. They are compact and ball shape.

Basically, popcorn is made by heating up the kernels. Inside the kernels, there is a drop of water. When heat is applied to dried kernels, the water droplet is converted to steam and make huge pressure. Then it explodes. These kernels contain sharp hulls.

Nutrition Stat for 100g Popcorn according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 

Energy1,598 kJ
Carbohydrates78 g
Dietary fiber15 g
Fat4 g
Protein12 g

Vitaminsa and Minerals

Thiamine (B1)0.2 mg
Vitamin B60.24 mg
Calcium10 mg
Copper0.4 mg
Iron2.7 mg
Magnesium131 mg
Manganese0.94 mg

Do Rabbits Like To Eat Popcorn?

Everybody likes to eat popcorn. Rabbits will also love it, because they love to eat sugary foods. Rabbits will eat unhealthy foods if we provide them. They can’t understand the health risk and the benefits of foods. As a parent, it’s our responsibility to give only healthy foods for them. Popcorn is not one of the good foods for rabbits. So be a good parent and do not feed popcorn to your rabbits even if they like to eat them.

what should I do if rabbits eat popcorn

Is Popcorn Good For Rabbits?

Popcorn can be good for humans but not for Rabbits. Some will say it’s good for rabbits. But we must consider long-term health benefits for the rabbits. There is a risk of feeding popcorn to rabbits and no one can argue with that. Popcorn can be harmful to rabbits. There are many kinds of popcorn out there. All are harmful to rabbits. It does not matter how they prepare it. Popcorn kernels can be dangerous for rabbits’ health. It can lead to painful bloating of the stomach. And these kernels are hard to digest.

Popcorn hulls are made of a compound called polysaccharide complex. Rabbit’s digestive systems are not designed to digest hulls kernels and other grains. Most of the popcorn contains sugar and starch. These things are also hard for rabbits to digest. There is a risk of an internal blockage too and these things can lead to GI stasis. Popcorns are not toxic for rabbits. If we consider all the facts, Popcorn is not a good type of food for rabbits. Considering rabbit’s health, we must avoid feeding popcorns. 

Can Rabbits Have Popcorn?

No, they are unhealthy for rabbits. We must avoid feeding these things to rabbits. Even corn is unhealthy for rabbits These onions are listed as unhealthy food for rabbits. There are many unhealthy foods for rabbits. Some of them are Peanuts, Coconut, oats, walnuts, chocolate, almonds, etc.

Why Popcorn Bad For Rabbits?

There are no health benefits from popcorns even if we feed them. But there is a huge health risk if rabbits eat popcorns. Basically, in popcorn, there is no essential nutrition. Most of the popcorn we eat  prepared from oil and it contains sugar and salt. These ingredients are not healthy for rabbits. And popcorn kernels and hulls are hard for rabbits to digest. They will get a hard time digesting these things. That is why we generally avoid feeding grain for rabbits. All the latest researches also confirm not to serve grain for rabbits.

Unlike other animals, rabbits can’t vomit or throw up. There is a risk of internal blocking even if they eat a small portion of popcorn. These blockages can lead to an increase in gases inside the rabbit’s body. Eventually, when these gases are increasing, it leads to pain inside the rabbit’s body. This is normally called bloating.

GI stasis is a common issue in rabbits. Feeding popcorn can also lead to gastrointestinal stasis. That is because salt and sugar in popcorns can increase bad bacteria inside the rabbit’s body. This also can lead to painful bloating and an increase in weight gain.

Consider popcorns are bad for rabbits. Generally, we shouldn’t feed grains to rabbits. Popcorn kernels are hard to digest and can lead to internal blockages in your rabbits. Don’t take any risk by feeding popcorns to your rabbit.

can popcorn be good for rabbits

What Should We Do If Rabbits Eat Popcorn?

If you see your rabbit eat popcorn, quickly remove all the other popcorns that remain before your rabbit eats those too. If your rabbit is not showing any symptoms give more water to your rabbit. If it starts coughing or struggling quickly meet your vet and take medication for your rabbit. Check whether what type of popcorn your rabbits have eaten. There are many types of popcorn out there. If your rabbit ate chocolate popcorn it might lead to chocolate poisoning in your rabbit. Take immediate action and bring your rabbit to a vet.

Your rabbit does not show symptoms immediately. Keep monitoring your rabbit for over a week. Introduce more fiber (fresh grass hay). It can help to digest any kind of food. Keep monitoring whether your rabbit is showing some symptoms like diarrhea or unexpected behavior.

Best Common Healthy Diet To Feed Your Rabbit

We need to make a good meal plan for rabbits. We need to provide them with good quality foods. Before feeding rabbits with new food, check whether it’s good for rabbits. As a good Rabbit owner, check whether you cover all the guidelines mentioned below. It’s a general food guide for rabbits.

  • Good Quality Grass Hay – I recommend Timothy hay as the most popular/good, all-around unlimited offer to your rabbits. Orchardgrass, meadow fescues are also good for rabbits. Hay is the main food supply. Hay will help your rabbits to stay healthy and strong and maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Fresh Water – Ensure rabbits can have clean, freshwater 24/7. Water bows are most commonly used to supply water for rabbits.
  • Provide Good Quality Leafy Greens – Provide them with 5-6 varieties of safe washed green vegetables, weeds, herbs daily (arugula, basil, kale, cabbage, etc.). Try to introduce new greens with small portions.
  • Treats & Fresh Fruits – For the safety of rabbits, only provide 1 -2 tablespoons per day. Feed carrots, apples, blueberries, etc.
  • Provide Good Quality Pellets – It is good to have a small number of healthy pellets daily. There are too many products out there, keep it in your mind to supply quality and healthy foods for rabbits.

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There are no health benefits from popcorns even if we feed them. But there is a huge health risk if rabbits eat popcorns. Popcorn hulls are made up of a compound called polysaccharide complex. Rabbit digestive system is not designed to digest hull kernels and other grains. Most of the popcorn contains sugar and starch. These things are also hard for rabbits to digest. There is a risk of an internal blockage and these things can lead to G.I stasis.

 If we consider all the facts, Popcorn is not a good type of food for rabbits. Considering rabbit’s health, we must avoid feeding popcorns. I think this article covers all the things you should know about Popcorn before feeding it to your Rabbits.

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